Tualatin River NWR, August 2022

It was an exceptionally good weekend for exploring nearby natural wonders. Friday afternoon was a much needed getaway to Forest Park. (Nancy’s recent blog includes her thoughts around this walk.) As usual, the shadowy trail didn’t provide many photo opportunities; tracking a Stellar’s Jay resulted in nothing more than a study in blue and black. Everything else about the hike was wonderful: the peaceful pace, the breadth of tree-time, the small wheel rhythm of seeing the same couples and families again heading around the loop in the other direction.

Saturday was an extra treat: the kids agreed to a bird walk at Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge “on the way” to an afternoon at our house. It was short in minutes and miles, but rich in discoveries and conversation. And they even gave me time to take some photos! Below is a photo gallery from that adventure.

Sunday morning Nancy and I continued west from the gym and explored Fernhill Wetlands. That trip gets a gallery of its own.

(Click any image for a lightbox style slideshow of all the photos in this gallery.)

2 thoughts on “Tualatin River NWR, August 2022

  1. Oh, Alan! Spectacular! Those swallows and the pelicans, all of them … so wonderful. There is something about photographing birds that are so completely engaged they seem to not even be aware of your presence. Are the kids getting curious about your camera? Magic coming out of that thing!

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  2. R had been taking pictures for a while, but recently lost interest. She had a really good eye for composition, and got some good shots of the backyard scrub jays, but I think she got tired of holding still. E is getting interested in the camera, but has some challenges working around his glasses. I’m still trying to figure out how to help him have a good experience — maybe tripod and LCD would be a good start. I’m just glad they (occasionally) like getting out and looking at things. And they both enjoy the social aspect — after they had the swallows pointed out to them, they eagerly pointed them out to anyone else who walked by!



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