Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, February 2022

At the end of February we finally made it to Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, outside of Olympia, Washington. This amazing sanctuary has been on our to-go list for a long time, encouraged by the photos and descriptions on our online friend Bonnie Rae’s blog, and it did not disappoint. It wasn’t exactly a “winter warmth” getaway from a weather standpoint, leaving Portland in the snow, arriving at the Visitor Center the next morning with the temperature inching into the 30s, keeping our balance on the crust of ice on the trail and boardwalk. But there was a different warmth in spending long slow hours exploring a beautiful place, encountering creatures we’d never seen, and getting to know new friends. Thanks for hosting us, Gretchen Staebler!

More about this trip on Nancy’s blog.

(Click any image for a lightbox style slideshow of all the photos in this gallery.)

3 thoughts on “Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, February 2022

  1. holy CRAP these are amazing Alan!!!!!!! loved yellow legs with the rock-that-is-really-also-an-egg + the one where the dude is flying over water and his reflection creates a circle. Also loved American wigeon with the smaller reflection bc looks like a parent caring for a child oh but it’s a reflection. You have the best eye! Love these! also please SAVE THE PLANET


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