Japanese Garden Fall 2022: Fall Color Highlights

This year I was able to visit the Portland Japanese Garden four times in four weeks, October 21 – November 9, 2022, to enjoy watching the changing fall colors light up the familiar spaces. Here is a gallery of some of my favorite photos from these visits.

In an upcoming post, I’ll match up scenes to show the transitions over the weeks. And yet another post will share images from this local treasure less tied to the changing seasons.

(Click any image for a lightbox style slideshow of all the photos in this gallery.)

5 thoughts on “Japanese Garden Fall 2022: Fall Color Highlights

    1. Thanks. The way it is supposed to work is, on this page the images just scroll down the page full size, and clicking any one goes to a carousel of photos. It does that on my Android, so I’m not sure what’s going on for you. But I’m not happy with this whole approach, and I’m working on a new site better suited to galleries of photos. Plus, I’ve run out of space on my plan 🙂


      1. After some poking around I discovered that even though I can read full posts in Reader, I can only access the full gallery when I actually go directly to your site and click on the post. Problem solved!


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