Fernhill Wetlands, August 2022

I was last at Fernhill Wetlands back in December, shortly after getting my new camera. For Nancy, it had been a couple years. Neither of us had ever visited during the summer. Unlike previous trips, this time it was warm, with lots of light. And more young birds crying out to be fed.

Read Nancy’s blog about this trip!

(Click any image for a lightbox style slideshow of all the photos in this gallery.)

2 thoughts on “Fernhill Wetlands, August 2022

  1. WowZa! Those in flight shots are fabulous. The egret with the reflection just wow! Green herons are my favorite.I love watching them hunt, though can’t help but feel bad for those frogs! Great collection.


  2. I see green herons so rarely, compared with the Great Blues, so it always feels like a special occasion when I encounter one. Two on this trip! Still looking for another bittern 🙂


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