About Discoveries

About this site

This site is mostly for sharing my photos with whoever might be interested. Blog posts about specific topics and events are published on the home page, to make it easy for folks to keep up as new material is posted. A subscription form to receive email notifications of new blog posts is in the footer of any page. There are also galleries of photos on specific themes, so if you’re interested in all the bird photos, for example, you can find the bird highlights from the various blog posts collected in the Birds gallery. Galleries are available via the menu in the site header.

About me

Hi! I’m Alan, in Portland, Oregon. I’m retired, spending my time with grandkids, in the garden, playing music, and exploring the Pacific Northwest. I often carry a camera with me on these explorations, because I like the way having a camera in hand changes the way I see. It also gives me documentation of those discoveries, hence the site name.

About my camera

As of November 2021, I am using a Sony RX10-iv. Prior to that, I was time-sharing a Sony a6500 with my son, with a fast 35mm prime lens and a kit zoom. But I found that I wanted to have a camera with me all the time, and lens swapping was driving me nuts. Plus, it seemed there were always interesting birds just a little too far away! The RX10 gives me a single lens, better zoom reach, and a relatively fast lens for birds in flight and shadowy forests. It was a step down in sensor technology from the a6500, but it’s still a better camera than I am a photographer, so I have plenty of growing room. So far, I’m really happy with it.