New web site!

It’s been quiet here for a long time, but I’ve been busy. As my photo collection grew, I found that this site came up short in several critical areas: storage cost, organization, access to photos after blog posts aged, and integration with my photography workflow. After a mere 5 months of effort, I think I’ve addressed all of those issues on a new site.

On Discoveries:AlanMoses.Net, you will find galleries of featured photos in several categories: Birds, Flora and Fauna, local Portland images, and Journeys. Most of these galleries can be filtered by year and season, and searched for any tag or word in a caption (e.g., bird species, or photo location). Blog posts will document the explorations that resulted in these photos, plus anything else that’s on my mind. I plan to move many of the blog posts from this site to the new one over the next few months; this site will persist until the end of 2023, but will disappear after that.

If you are following or subscribed to this site and want to continue to get alerts when I post new photos and blogs, you’ll need to subscribe at the new site. And you can always contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Thanks for being here, and see you over there!

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