Jackson Bottom, July 8, 2022

Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve is a private-public partnership maintained by Hillsboro Parks and Rec, about 20 miles west of us. I first visited without a camera when I was in the neighborhood in April 2021, and returned with my new camera and my intrepid 10-year-old photo buddy on a cold foggy day in December. My recent visit was sunny and warm, with the waterfowl at a distance in the receding wetlands, and lots of fast moving birds in the foliage along the trail.

(Click the image to go to the full gallery.)

Tree Swallow birdhouse

2 thoughts on “Jackson Bottom, July 8, 2022

  1. What a nice variety of birds. Although that is a Yellow Warbler you captured there. Not easy, they’re usually too fast! Looks like you’be become a magnet for the Downy too!


  2. Ah yes, right you are. I was using the Merlin app for sound ID, and it listed both birds; I thought what I was hearing matched up with the goldfinch ID, and neglected to use my eyes. The beauty of editing: it’ll be fixed in a minute. Thanks!

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