Mom’s 90th

Yesterday would have been Mom’s 90th birthday. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have been too thrilled to hit that milestone; I can hear her voice saying “I’m so old!” Still, it’s impossible to see this date on the calendar and not think of the many positive milestones in her life. There’s no way to tell her whole story in just a few pictures, but here are some of my favorites.

This is the earliest picture of her I’ve found. She’s probably 2 here, with my grandparents, Anna and Morris Rosenblum, and her big sister, my Aunt Selma.
Here she is as a young mother of 3 boys, during the Kennedy era.
Mom and Dad, more than 50 years into their marriage.
Mom as a very happy mother-in-law, grandma, and great-grandma (GG).
Mom’s last birthday, in 2019. This was a really good day: a sing-along at her residence that got her dressed up and out, and after a rest back in her room, a clandestine takeout dinner of her favorite treyf.

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