Lo De Marcos 2018

As much as I’ve been enjoying my local explorations this winter, I’ve also been reminiscing about not-cold not-gray winter warmth travel in years past. Here are a few photos of some different birds from our trip to Lo De Marcos, Mexico, back in January of 2018. These are from two cameras ago — a Panasonic FZ28 that I had used for years in Santa Barbara. That camera is still plugging away, as Rosa’s first camera. Hoping for a guest blog some time soon!

The house folding guide to Birds of the Pacific Coast of Mexico called this a Colibrí Piquiancho — Broad-billed hummingbird.
Perhaps a Mosquero — a Flycatcher
An Ibis resting in the treetops
Garza-nocturna coroniclara – yellow-crowned night heron
OK, it’s not a bird, it’s an iguana. But it was in a tree.

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